Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Odditrees of Southeast Portland.

This reminded me of a paper birch, but seems to be the wrong colour.

Not sure what this is either.  Actually, I really don't know what any of these trees are, but I really liked the blue leaves on this one.

This reminded me of a hoya.  It is a very large tree, in Ladd's Addition.

I don't know the name of this guy, but, well, "AAAAHHHHHH!!!" is what I have been calling it.

This has some sort of moss blossom to it.  I think that would be a good band name, don't you?

Once more:  "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

Whoa.  Damn.  Some Dogwoods got bi-zay... Bow chicka womp, womp!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Dogwood is in bloom.  I love these trees.  They start off looking like little flames, shooting from the branches, then fill out, to gorgeous boughs of nothing but blooms!

Today was insanely packed and busy as all get out, but the sun came out, and I managed to defer chores for... just long enough to take a few photos.  Enjoy.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Between panic attacks, I did this today.

So, I've been having some panic attacks lately.  I did manage to get out for a little while with Lily today, and we went for a walk, and had a treat.  Today was all about rain, tree blossoms, and Ivy.  Enjoy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby Shower!

A couple friends of mine are having babies a couple weeks apart.  Pretty awesome, as they are such good friends, have been forever, have been through so much together, and now this, too!  I am so excited for them, as they both journey from being mothers of one, to mothers of two.  Such an amazing time!  I was so happy to be included today, to help honour them, and offer support.  We have such an awesome community of women, and we are all truly lucky to have found each other!

As usual, the rest can be seen, here!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I was considering wandering off toward the river this afternoon, because I found a really cool thing that I was completely geeking out over, and I wanted to take pictures of it.  I didn't make it over there, but ended up taking pictures, anyway.  The kids found this skull in the yard.  It was some sort of predator, but not exactly sure what it could be.  Thinking maybe a possum, or possibly a cat?  

Top View


Side view

I was tripping out over all of the holes behind the eye socket.  Mother nature is a complex bitch.