Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy, late.

Yes, the Happy Post is late.  I was off being happy, and then I got sick.  So... I did end up with some pictures, but not on Friday, like I had hoped.  Ah well, Such as life...

Most of these are from a trip I took on a "Date" with my 10 year old.  We went to Alberta Street.  Always a good time, over there.

Aw, I am a sucker for an adorable dog.  This one was dressed in such cheerful attire, I couldn't help myself.  She was pretty camera shy, however.  She wouldn't look at my camera, at all, and her owner, bless his heart, TRIED.  He really did.  We finally just called it good.

Loving all of the new art in this area.  There are a lot of murals, large and small.

Alberta, in the fog.  It is often hard for us to choose between Townshend's, and Back To Eden.  Cupcake was the goal this go-round, so Back To Eden won.

Taken this morning.  Firewood, in my yard.  Note to self:  Frozen firewood is frozen.  Don't try to make a fire with that.

Frost, on the top of my car.

Homework, by the fire!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh, Sadness!

In my quest for finding all things that are things and capturing them once again, I have decided to include a series on all manner of things which make me sad.  Some will, of course, be tongue in cheek.  Some will be things that strike a genuinely sad chord in my heart, and some, I will post to just make you wonder.

So to begin, we have:

The corner of SE Ladd, and Hawthorne, at 12th Avenue.  It is an angled street that goes into an intersection of two other streets.  This particular intersection makes me sad, because I will have just come from taking the scenic route through Ladd's Addition.  Suddenly, I am stuck at this light that will not change.  SE 12th gets two rotations before we suckers from Ladd's get a nod, and finally get to mosey on down SE 12th Avenue.

I have issues with this building.  I don't understand why they chose those colours, and frankly, it makes me feel uncomfortable when I pass it, most days of the world.

I really wish they would do something about it.

Trees, you are being indecent.  Nobody wants to see that.  Put some clothes on!!!

As someone who does ride fairly often, and as someone who has a spouse who commutes by bike in the summer time?  This gives me pause, and the need to say:  "But for the grace of god, go I."
Moss on the sidewalk!  On one hell of a steep hill!!!  Mother nature, sometimes I think you are just a bitch who is being bitchy.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Love, recovering.

Hey, Kids! 
Well, lately, I have been taking a break from Photography.  I suffered a loss this past year, and while I don't feel comfortable going into it, this was largely the reason for my hiatus.  I am still not booking appointments right now, as I am trying hard to just fall in love with taking pictures again.  I once had such a passion, that I did take many, many, photos daily.  But due to events of the past year, I lost my ability to enjoy just about everything; including this. 

Last night, I felt the need to pick up my instrument again.  It was like something was telling me it was time to start over.  So, today, I went on a little scavenger hunt.  

My quest?  Happy!

That's right.  And, since it is Friday, I decided to find all manner of things which make me happy.  Naturally, I went to my happy place; Council Crest Park.  I took a few more photos on the way back home, as well.  But I figured I would make this a weekly feature as I get my practice back in, and share this with you, every Friday!

My friends and I have a private joke about this hotel.  Our name for it is... well?  MUCH naughtier than the one on the sign.

Who doesn't love bikes?  I mean, really?
Ruby, and her new cow.  I bought this for her today.  She took a mental health day from school, so we spent it together, just the two of us.  It was lovely.

Pretty Lily, staying warm in a hoodie and giant coat.

Echo Circle!!!

Aren't we all?

There was snow on the ground up there today.  I love that!

Icicle, Icicle; where are you going?

Glorious sunshine!

I have always loved this statue.

Hi, pretty naked, trees!

As always, I will keep these in a set, so you can view them chronologically as this all unfolds. 


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to life. Back to reality.

This is a little something I do after a holiday, to beat the winter blues.  I have a ridiculous number of candles.  They really do help.

My good old desk!  It does an arabesque.

New config.  I added another sideboard to this room for candles and drinks.  I like that I have two in here now, because it means I have a safe place to set my drink. while I am working at my desk, instead of the floor, or the desk, which would put either my nice, warm, dry feet, or my computer, in peril, should it get tipped over.

New, (to this room, anyway,) sideboard, in action. 

Happy New Year!