Monday, March 31, 2014

Pittock Second Floor: Bedrooms, sleeping porches, and landing.

They had an interesting concept in the days when this house was built.  Believed that sleeping porches were healthy, with the benefits of having fresh air, cold, rain, and the like.  But there were also a few bedrooms that did not employ that concept.

- Henry Pittock Bedroom -

- Sewing Room -

- Georgiana Pittock's Bedroom -

- West Bedroom -

- West Sleeping Porch -

- Writing Room -

- South Bedroom -

- South Sleeping Porch -

- Nieces' Bedroom -

- Landing -

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pittock Kitchen

Cabinetry in Butler's Pantry, goes all the way to the 10 foot ceiling.

Butler's Pantry Sink.  
This was of particular interest to me, because the kitchen in our current house is just a converted butler's pantry.

Off of the kitchen

Kitchen Storeroom.

Refrigerator room.  This refrigerator was added in 1928.