Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The farm...

This is the farm where my husband grew up.  The outbuildings haven't been used in many years, but they sure make for interesting photographic opportunities.  I'm amazed at the size of the chicken coop.  That was really something. 

I am also amazed at how much the water table has changed in the last 17 years.  I remember going out there with him the first few years, and you'd dig less than half a foot, and see water. 

Now?  There isn't much. 

In fact, there used to be a stream and a swamp on the property, with wapato, and a bridge that actually made sense. 

Now?  Nada.

Lots of trees have fallen down on the property, as well, in the more recent storms.  These are mostly locust trees, nearing the end of their life cycles, so it's timely, and I guess probably time to start planting new ones, out there.

You'll see what I'm talking about, as we go through all of these photos I took the other day.

Stairs to the root cellar.  I would love to see what it looks like inside, now.  It's been closed off for a long time, though.

This is the back of the root cellar.

An imperial lily I found on the property.  I hadn't realized there were some in the back, too. 

I was... trying something here.

Bark coming away from this tree.

I had to ask why there was a spigot on just the inside of this door, and apparently... it was just there to prop the door open.  LOL

This is the big barn.  It was still being used up to last summer, for horses.

I just really liked the look of this weathered wall.

These next few are of the pig shed, from various angles.

These next few, are of the chicken coop, from various angles.

Storms have blown out these windows, over time.

Yes, this would be an outhouse.

I'll refer to it as a long-term relationship outhouse. 

Todd isn't here to ask about this right now, so I'll edit later, but I think this was a plow shed.

Which brings me to several old plows!

And a few of some fallen trees.  No big deal, right? 

And lastly, this used to be a stream, hence the bridge.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Fire Party!

Went to a party this weekend.  I only broke my camera out for a few minutes, because I was just having too damn much fun, and well?  Taking photos when you are kind of drunken, and it's dark outside?  It's hard, people.  It just is.

But I have a hard time not breaking out the camera when there is a fire, so that, I did!

This wasn't the most epic fire ever, but it was still pretty.  Lots of brush, and laid out kind of sparse.

I know, this wasn't part of the fire, but I always enjoy this variety of stringed light.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunny day. Maybe a bit too sunny...

I recently stumbled upon a weird thing in northwest Portland.  I'm guessing it was just an open walkway for something, but I have no idea what it connected.

I knew about this, via a photo someone else shared online a while ago.  I decided to google earth it, and immediately found it.  It looked so cool!

So, today, I dragged the kids with me to NW Portland, and we checked a few things out.  I also found a weird, and awesome permaculture-based park! 

I have lived here for 15 years now, and I'm still discovering all sorts of fun little things!

My only regret about these photos, is that they were taken at a very bright point in the day, and there weren't many shadows, or interesting nuances to play around with, in the lighting.  Ah, well...

This fence was made from a bunch of rusty beams, and coloured glass.  Very cool, from both sides.  I liked the way the light came through the glass from the outside of the park.

The kids pointed this turtle out, to me. I thought it was a wee sculpture at first, but nope.  He's real!

From inside the park.

And here is the weird structural element, remnant thing.  I will come back and take more pictures of this, on a cloudy day.  I love the way brick buildings look against a gray sky.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's always quick. Or sort of, anyway. I mean it to be, that is...

Today, I'm not feeling that great.  I have a cold that's trying to invade my cells, so I haven't been super active.  I did promise myself that I would take some photos of a sight yesterday that had me swooning.   The fa├žade of the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center building, set off with blossoms.  I noticed it yesterday after I picked up the kids, but I had other things on my mind then. 

So, I promised myself I would come back to it today.

But of course, it never just ends with one thing for me when I have my camera.  I found some magnolias that I liked, as well as some sunlit rosemary blossoms and bees!