Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cousin visit!

Baby Mowawk is a force to be reckoned with.

We had a visit with the aunties, and cousins today!  Much fun was had.  I even opened up my studio doors for the first time in months.

With Cousin Lily

All of the Barakelstein offspring!

Ru tried hard to get Will to smile.


Group roaring!

Dining room floor fun, with the dog.  She was... mostly OK with these kiddoes... mostly.

Mama, and baby.

CousinBack riding!

Cousin racing!

Even baby got in on the fun!

OK... enough for Ruby! 


Saturday, September 28, 2013

School Shindig Fun!

Ruby and I went to a lovely little school shindig last night, put on by our lovely TFT (Together for Trillium.)  I was actually asked to take event photos, but without the permission of parents, and the fact that we all filled out a form at the beginning of the school year, stating whether or not we allowed images of our children published online, I will post just a few favourites of my own little puppy.  :)  They can sort the photos out, later, and decide from there.  :)

They had these weird little lemon halves with candy canes in the center.  The idea is that you suck on the candy cane, and it forms a well in the center, which lemon juice comes up through, and it's like minty lemonade. 

Ru enjoyed this...


She ran out of candy cane!

Ohh... no.

Temporary tattoos!

I was probably a little too enthralled with the cotton candy making process... I promise I took a LOT of other pictures, too!  :)

Ruby got to throw a pie at the school executive director!