Monday, July 22, 2013

Piggott's Castle... not really as glamourous as one might think, but still lovely.

So, apparently Charles Piggott was a fairly eccentric man, and built this castle in 1892.  He panicked in 1893 about finances, and moved out.  It sat empty for a long time, and many dismissed it as haunted.  In 1920, Piggott made the claim that anyone living in that house could never be happy. 

It's kind of a sad history, really, but also humanizes this nutty eccentric, and makes me think he's not really that different from me.  Freaked out about money.  Funny ideas about the world, etc. 

Ah, well, they say that it takes at least a somewhat offbeat personality to actually pursue things, even if they end up being outlandish, and unsustainable.

Someone lives there now, at any rate.  There were lights on, and signs of life when I walked past it this afternoon.  I wonder if they are happy.  Hm. 

Well, taking these pictures made me happy, at any rate. 
Looking east.

A north-facing entrance

Front view

Facing slightly west


A closer view

Just above front door

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