Monday, September 21, 2015

Shipwreck Porn.

On Saturday, we went to check out the Wreck Of The Peter Iredale.  To my disappointment, there were a LOT of people on this beach.  It made for quite a challenge, in trying to get any photos of it.  It actually made me a bit sad, because people were using it as a towel rack, and letting their kids climb all over it, as if it were a piece of playground equipment.  The only thing I could think, was "Adventures in Tetanus, anyone?"

But seriously, I did manage to get a few, and the kids who were playing on the thing were really nice about letting me go in there for a bit to get the photos.  After all, the ocean was right there, and it was nice and warm.

If I come back here, it will be during the winter months, when there aren't likely to be very many people.  The beach was PACKED.

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