Thursday, July 19, 2012


Miss Ru is being silly here.  Lily sings along.  I have no idea what they were singing.  It was probably jibberish, which they sometimes celebrate.  Singing with your finger under your tongue kind of makes things tricky at times though.
Kiernen could not be happier about his new trampoline!  He is one lucky kid.  I wish I had one of these things growing up.  I did have a large in-ground swimming pool, so I can't complain to heartily... sigh...

OK, yes, I had to get in on the fun.  It was actually my secret agenda to make it over there, just for this express purpose.  That's right Echota.  I only want you for your trampoline.  Ha ha!  I kid, I kid... But damn.  How can you not be happy on a trampoline?  I mean... really...

I see one in my future.  I do.


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