Monday, July 23, 2012

Tomato Battle!

On Saturday, I got together with my friends Candice and Amy for a crazy little bit of fun, in the form of a battle royale... Roman style.  The annual Tomato Battle!

I opted out of the actual battle, due to my sensitive skin.


I think I'd last about 5 minutes, my skin would start to bubble, fall off, and I'd be walking around all skinned-like.  Nobody wants to see that!  But... I figured it would be a great photo op, just the same.  These chicks got in there and fought like real women.  I was so proud!

A little before shot

Amy, Post-war!

And... with attitude!

This is what I get for making fun of them.  Ha ha!  I stayed... mostly clean.

Candice, Post-war!

How YOU doin'?

A few action shots...


The crimson tide... progression...

Roll, tide, roll!

And... Flirty Sombrero Dude is flirty.


Hot chicks, beer, and quite possibly the worst cover band ever to hit the stage!  Fantastic day, for sure! 

    The rest can be seen, here!

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