Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day, First Grade!

So, I was going to get a first day picture, or set of first day pictures from my 4th grader, and she bolted for her classroom, trying to get away from me.  OK.  I've been told.

On the other hand, my first grader hammed it up for me like crazy!

The photo you see above, seems to be her default photo expression, as of late.  Le Sigh...

 And here, we have running like mad for the school.  No small feat trying to keep up with her in heels.

 She insisted on wearing her galoshes.  I... let her.  P.S.  We have money.

 I was a first grade zombie.

I am ready to make my teacher's life... hell.  Or at least pretend to.


All in all, she had a pretty awesome first day, and was very pleased to see that her friends from last year, were indeed, with her again.

And now, to get up and do it alllllll over again, for the next... 9 months.  We got this, kiddo!


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