Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well, I tried, anyway...

Well, I have been in a crappy mood, so I decided to take cranky self out to take some pictures today, and finally test out my new processing equipment.  All I have to say is?  WOW!  The time it took me to do these?  About 1/8 of the time it used to take me.  Even the downloading was super fast.

Here, we have the lovely, mighty Columbia.  I may try to get out here again next week, to track the changing birch leaves. They must take a wee bit longer than the maples around here, but I also got some of those, too!  Just wait!  Hee!  I will say that all was well until I got harrassed by the damn cops. 

Where to, boots?  I don't know, Hedro... how about over to that rose over there?


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