Friday, January 11, 2013

Love, recovering.

Hey, Kids! 
Well, lately, I have been taking a break from Photography.  I suffered a loss this past year, and while I don't feel comfortable going into it, this was largely the reason for my hiatus.  I am still not booking appointments right now, as I am trying hard to just fall in love with taking pictures again.  I once had such a passion, that I did take many, many, photos daily.  But due to events of the past year, I lost my ability to enjoy just about everything; including this. 

Last night, I felt the need to pick up my instrument again.  It was like something was telling me it was time to start over.  So, today, I went on a little scavenger hunt.  

My quest?  Happy!

That's right.  And, since it is Friday, I decided to find all manner of things which make me happy.  Naturally, I went to my happy place; Council Crest Park.  I took a few more photos on the way back home, as well.  But I figured I would make this a weekly feature as I get my practice back in, and share this with you, every Friday!

My friends and I have a private joke about this hotel.  Our name for it is... well?  MUCH naughtier than the one on the sign.

Who doesn't love bikes?  I mean, really?
Ruby, and her new cow.  I bought this for her today.  She took a mental health day from school, so we spent it together, just the two of us.  It was lovely.

Pretty Lily, staying warm in a hoodie and giant coat.

Echo Circle!!!

Aren't we all?

There was snow on the ground up there today.  I love that!

Icicle, Icicle; where are you going?

Glorious sunshine!

I have always loved this statue.

Hi, pretty naked, trees!

As always, I will keep these in a set, so you can view them chronologically as this all unfolds. 


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