Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy, late.

Yes, the Happy Post is late.  I was off being happy, and then I got sick.  So... I did end up with some pictures, but not on Friday, like I had hoped.  Ah well, Such as life...

Most of these are from a trip I took on a "Date" with my 10 year old.  We went to Alberta Street.  Always a good time, over there.

Aw, I am a sucker for an adorable dog.  This one was dressed in such cheerful attire, I couldn't help myself.  She was pretty camera shy, however.  She wouldn't look at my camera, at all, and her owner, bless his heart, TRIED.  He really did.  We finally just called it good.

Loving all of the new art in this area.  There are a lot of murals, large and small.

Alberta, in the fog.  It is often hard for us to choose between Townshend's, and Back To Eden.  Cupcake was the goal this go-round, so Back To Eden won.

Taken this morning.  Firewood, in my yard.  Note to self:  Frozen firewood is frozen.  Don't try to make a fire with that.

Frost, on the top of my car.

Homework, by the fire!

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