Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy: Cute kids, and Valentine's Day.

I had therapy group last night, so we didn't celebrate VD on VD.  I came home to find this enormous bouquet of flowers.  That was pretty nice.
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Yours truly, with Mini-Me.

She would not hold still, and then she decided to rag doll it up.

OK, truth be told, I was disappointed here, because there was some hilarious grafitti, involving The Tickle Monster, which is apparently taking over Portland, or at least, for whatever reason, all of the beige electrical boxes attached to telephone poles.
2007 had the "Now Is All You Have" stickers.  
Apparently, 2013 is The Tickle Monster's time to shine.

Still... we missed it in this instance.  I drove past this wall a little after noon today, and it was still there.   
By 4 PM, it had been painted over. 

Ah, well, we still got some fun little shots.


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