Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy: Cultural Anthropology, and balls.

I don't get it.  These houses?  Why build like that?  I think my bedroom closet is probably larger than the single room, upstairs.  I peered into a window, because they are empty, and there is a water heater in the corner of the only room, downstairs.  I could not tell if it had a kitchen or bathroom, but it must have, hence the water heater.  It is not a small thing.  You would need to plan the room around it.  I think I would turn it into an altar, of some sort.  It needs to be a shrine, with lots of candles and other flammable objects.

Just... what the hell was this designer thinking???

I feel conflicted about these houses.  I keep expecting Woodsy Owl to come outside and yell at me when I walk past, and stare too long.

Interesting descriptor, but OK.

I realize this doesn't completely go with the theme, but well?  Elk BALLS!!!  And they are bronze!  Who would not love bronze balls?  I mean really...
When we used to drive past this statue, every day of the world, Ruby would always exclaim: "Look!  There's the statue of the elk!"

One day? She noticed that the elk was a boy, and the antlers had nothing to do with that.  I believe the question was: "Whoa. Why is the elk going poop?"

It was an educational day.

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