Monday, March 25, 2013

Old Firehouse, now Community Music Center.

Here is some interesting info about Community Music Center.  It was once a firehouse, but since 1955, it has been what it is now.

I love these old lanterns.  So cool.  Slightly sad that they chose these CFLs to go inside, buuuut, well, it's modern times we live in, right?

My viewpoint, from the sidewalk on SE 33rd PL.  I lived on this street, years ago, when I had my first daughter.  We would walk past here, every day of the world.  I now live... 6 blocks away.  Yeah, I like this neighbourhood. 

View from sidewalk, on SE Francis.

View from across the street on SE 33rd PL

View from across the street, on SE Francis.

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