Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When you have to...

This is quite possibly the strangest "Selfie" I have ever taken.  Hi bewbz!  How's it goin?

This used to be one of my favourite breakfast spots.  Harder with food allergies, but the memories are fond ones.

SE Hawthorne, Looking West.  I am here.  Every day of the world, practically.  Stomping grounds.  Yeaz...

I have been living in Portland for 13 years now.  And in that time?  I have still never been inside of this venue.  I have definitely knocked back a few pints in the bar, but the theater?  Nope.

Double Deckah!!!  AAAAAHHHH!  I tried really hard to get some good shots of this guy, but he was going pretty fast, and I was caught slightly off-guard.  Still... such a gorgeous red.  Hello, bus!

And, there it goes.  Bye, bus.  Sigh...

Red Light never fails to deliver on the drama with their window dressings. It is pretty well known among my friends and acquaintances, that I do not have the Star Wars love.  I just... don't.  I don't know.  Whatever.  To each geek, their own.  I will geek out over wax records, and bizarre geographical history, any day of the week.  This just never fit the bill. Still?  It's well-placed, and presented, save for the distracting red T-shirt in the front.  I had to take this photo, for that reason.  I can still appreciate, even if I disagree with the theme.  Right?  Right.

This window is more my speed.  Do those dresses come in my size? 

Although.... what IS the one in the red dress doing, exactly?

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