Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowpocalypse in full swing, and foot travel is where it's at, man!

More snow predicted for tonight, and tomorrow.  It's been real, snow.  We've had a lot of fun traipsing around the neighbourhood in you, and shopping at the few places that are open.  Hooray for that!  That's why you open up shop in a neighbourhood, right?  So you get clientele even in inclement weather?  Sah-weet!

So, these photos... are mostly of us playing in the backyard.  We had a fun day.

My front stoop, last night, just as things started to get going.

Snowman will not smile at you.  Will not.

We have an enormous backyard.  The kids have made FULL use of it.

Sorel Caribou Boots.  Ugly, but safe.

Even the pile of shit by our fence is pretty in the snow.

That isn't firewood for now.  It's for next summer.  Too green.  So yeah... don't taunt me.  Don't!

Best. Dog. Ever.

Vigorous Snow Angeling.

The result.

Snow looks like someone spit ricotta cheese into your face.

Ruby throws giant pile of snow into air, and the next two pictures are the aftermath.

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