Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Such weird bathrooms

One thing for certain in this place: the bathrooms were fairly weird and creepy.  I am pretty sure the shower in Henry's bathroom was fitted for accommodation, for someone who needed help standing.  I've never seen anything like it, before.  Anyway, I felt like they needed their own section in this epic saga of photos I've gathered.

Stand up shower.  And what's that at foot level?  Is that a separate faucet just for washing feet?

I know... but this shower just kept creeping me out, in a good way.

Foot bath.  I think maybe I need one of these for my own bathroom.

These tubs had so much plumbing.

I am so curious about how this shampoo dispenser worked.

Even more plumbing.
I really liked the size of this sink.  You could potentially rest a toothbrush caddy on the back of it, unlike mine, in which the stupid thing always falls into the basin.

Also, notice the faucet above: for washing hair in the sink?  I'm guessing so.

Enormous toilet tank.

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