Monday, July 7, 2014

A Wedding Saturday within the month of... July.

Went to a wedding this past weekend.  Really fun.  This family is amazing, and the amount of work they put into this wedding, and the property before the wedding?  Just... wow. 

It took place on the property of the family estate in Eastern Oregon.  This house sits next to the one that Mr. Hed grew up in, and was not only lived in by his great uncle; it was apparently also designed by him, at a young age, and built using the help of the entire family as well as general contractors, around 1940.

He passed away a few years back, and the rest of the family went to work on the house, shaping it into something even more amazing. 

Their hard work certainly paid off, and they decided to host the wedding there!

I will say that in the past, I have gone a little nuts at weddings with my camera, trying to get shots of everything, because it is really fun to do so.  

This time, though?  I decided to just have fun and take photos if I felt like it.

I also have a tip for people who bring their cameras to weddings.  Take pictures.  By all means, take pictures.  But please, for the love of all that is good and pure, stay out of the way of the photographers who were paid to capture this event!  You can still get good photos of things without ruining it for everyone.  Trust me.  You can.  There is enough going on, and enough places to stand for this to work out.

Well, anyway, you can see what I mean within a few photos.  Enjoy!

The Beautiful Bride, in the wheat field.

The photographers.  I STAYED OUT OF THEIR WAY.  SEE THAT?  This.  This is how you do that.

Mr. Hed, and his beautiful cousin, Erin.

My adorable niece, Violet.


Cousin Carmella, running fast!

Singing to me about how she wants to fly.
This is so cool!  They actually made little road signs for every location every guest came from!  This place is quite remote.  In fact, the first time I came here 16 years ago, it was the farthest sremoved from civilization, I had ever been!  So this really says a lot.

For the father/daughter dance, they did The Hustle.  So cool!

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