Thursday, July 3, 2014

Journey to Spokane, part deux... Sprague Lake.

 Well, if you read the last post, you know that I had limitations on what I was able to photograph during this trip, due to battery constraints and forgetfulness of my part.  Damn me!  Anyway, I knew I also wanted photos of Sprague Lake.  Although... the beauty of this place is highly dependent on lighting.  It was a bit too bright for what I wanted. 

Honestly though, there have been times when I've driven through here on late afternoons in early spring, and seriously regretted not having the camera out.  Missed opportunities can be sad.  I will say... I tried, but the drama didn't spark the way it has in the past.  That said; as I walked back from the restroom, I noticed a seagull who didn't move right away as I advanced toward him.

So, I snapped a few photos of the little winged dude.  He got irritated with me after a bit, and flew off. 

My job was done, at that point, if you know my track record with birds, at all.  Hedy = 1.  Seagull = 0.  At least on the annoyance front.

Sage.  I have a funny story there, I'll add at the end.

Lady, what?  What do you want?

Go away.  You bug me.

I mean it.

Fine.  I don't have to stick around for this BS.  Screw you guys, I'm goin' home.  Gratuitous photography is where I draw the line.

Eat my dust, lady.

I wanted to eat that bird.  Why didn't you bring me that bird, Mommy?  You're dead to me.

So, the sage:  well, when I was in second grade, my babysitter asked me a question:  "Hey.  Want to hear a dirty joke?"

I thought she was pretty cool, so I told her:  "Well, yeah."

"If you eat sage, it will make you ugly."

That was the whole thing.  But, well, I thought she was really cool, so of course, I repeated it at school.  But, I chose the wrong girl to recite this little joke to, and she snitched on me before I could even tell the damn thing.  I was so disappointed.  And well?  Even more so, when the teacher dragged me out of the classroom, squeezing my arm a little too tightly for my taste, and said: "WELL?  What do you think you are doing?  And what was the joke anyway?"

"I don't want to say now."

"Nope.  You HAVE to tell me the joke.  I also want to know where you heard it.  You shouldn't even know dirty jokes at your age.  Now TELL ME."

She was really scary, and I was freaked the hell out.  "No, I don't want to say.  It wasn't that bad."


"If... if... uh..."


"If... uh.... if... IF YOU EAT SAGE, IT WILL MAKE YOU UGLY!"

"That was it?"


"You're right.  That wasn't that bad.  It wasn't even dirty.  Go back to class."  She sort of giggled as she said this.

Yeah... I clearly had a lot to learn about the way of things.


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