Monday, February 23, 2015

Building a mystery, and an early spring.

I was driving on my way back to the school to pick up my kidlets the other day, and noticed a bizarre happenstance in the way of construction.  They are truly building a mystery on NE 28th and Flanders.  I have no idea what is going on with this, but well...


...OK.  Yeah, this is Portland, and people are weird here, but well?  Honestly?  People are weird everywhere.  We just sort of want things to show up that way in a more obvious manner, I guess.

I will also say that I'm enjoying this early spring.  It's still February, but a lot of things have started blooming, and thank goodness.   Most people know that I am not a fan of winter, save for the holiday season, when there are accommodations for how shitty everything looks without leaves, etc.  But my only question is:  Save for the holiday trees, what is really wrong with keeping lights up?  We need things to look at.  I know I like that.

Before we get to the pictures, I will say that purple crocus was what pulled me into a particular neighbourhood this afternoon, but I stayed for the chickens that were just hanging out on the street, like they owned the place. 

OK, then!

I have no idea... I guess these people really wanted to preserve this tree, and that's... very nice?  The cut very deep into the side of this fa├žade, to make that work.

Work it like you own it...

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