Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's either Annoying Orange, or Flowers.

Lately, my daughter has taken a liking to a certain youtube personality that I can't stand, but put up with because I'm sure she hates my music.  Annoying Orange.  Don't look into it, unless you like auditory torture.  I'm not sure what she sees in this channel, because this citrusy character's voice sounds like Sam Kinison laughing, every 10 seconds or so.  It makes me want to stab my eardrums with a rusty nail.

While that was going on this afternoon, I had a choice.  She was content to sit there and watch Annoying orange, and as per usual, it was aptly named.  So, I decided to go out and get some photos of flowers, since we have some early arrivals.  I found a few interesting things to try, although by the time I got out of the house, the sun had sort of gone into hiding and things were hazy.  But, I still tried, because why not? 

I was a little bummed that some magnolias are already faded and browning.  The sun, this year, has been spectacular so far.  But!  I did manage to find a few that were just in their prime.

I also noticed a really cool collection of tungsten lights, hovering among some cherry blossoms.  I think this may photograph better against a blue sky, but I still went for it.

This guy is a wee bit dark,but I liked that about him.

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