Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Impromptu photos, as we were saying goodbye.

I actually still have one more day of photos after this post from this trip, but the girls are right here with me, and wanted me to post these ones.  I didn't get everyone into these shots, because it was just sort of an impromptu goof-off session.  Kind of regretting that now, because it was such a nice day.  Apologies!

Here are some of the people who were there at that time, though.  Finally got to meet another cousin, whom I had been facebook friends with for a while, but hadn't met in person.  That was fun!

My little dorks

Mr. Hed, Gwynne, and Ladybug.

Ruby, Gwynne, Mr Hed, Cousin Jessica, Lily, and Cousin Will 

Farm Kitty, Domino.  She was on the hunt, and had caught something, here.

Mr. Hed, and Robert, saying goodbye after a great weekend.

Sweet EmmaBug...

Ruby, Gwynne, Emma, Lily, Grandma Marty.

Lily, on one of Grandpa's new bikes.

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