Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vista House, or... boredom.

We took a trip up to Vista House today.  It's a beautiful little building, and serves as an observatory above the Columbia River Gorge.  If you take the Scenic Columbia River Gorge Highway to get to it, it makes for a fun little trip away from the city, for those times when you don't have all day, but still want to enjoy something historic, and lovely, with quite the view.

Built in 1918, it served as a "Comfort Station" for travelers along the Columbia River Gorge.  It pays homage to the Pioneers of Oregon, and there is a small museum at the base of it.  Some referred to it as the $100,000 outhouse, at the time it was built.

It was designed by Edgar M. Lazarus, and the materials used, certainly do make the aforementioned description, apt.  It's an opulent little thing, with lots of stonework, stained glass, marble, wrought iron, and brass.

I was disappointed at the time we were here, because I didn't think I got very good pictures of it.  It was difficult, because the place was very crowded.  Hard to line everything up when people are constantly streaming in and out, and wanting to climb up or down the staircase you are trying to photograph.

I... did my best to capture the ceiling of the rotunda, but it was large enough, I decided a half-shot was the way to go, there.

I will come back here when the weather changes.  I have few more ideas that I want to build on, but today?  They just weren't to be, because of the crowd.

Anyway, enjoy!  We had a good time there.

Yeah, a little crooked, because people were waiting for me to do this, so they could go down the stairs.  Under duress, it's just hard to line things up. 


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