Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Boxes...

Getting into the roll of this thing, and there are still a few left.  So I'm including specs this time:

Year: 2001 - 2002
Age: 25-26
Status: Engaged/Married/Expecting.  Whoa!
Field: Human Resources, followed by Professional Pain In The Ass.

I'm breathing into a paper bag, because I actually went out there today, just to get a few pictures of this property.  I'm also listening to a little Glenn Lewis, because truth be told?  This was my jam, and helped get me through this time in my life.  Yes, I went from living in a couple of really great areas of town, to... this.

I am pretty sure that most of Beaverton could be reconstructed from materials found at Michael's craft store.  It really is all made out of ticky-tacky, all looks just the same, and makes me want to puke, for the most part. 

Really.  It was bad.  When we moved in, the apartment was only 2 years old.  There were two broken stairs in our unit that we needed to have fixed.  Also?  Our sliding glass door to the balcony had a defect, and when the sun baked it, (which happened, because the trees were about half as mature then,) it, made of safety glass, shattered, on both panels.  At first, and being 25, I thought it was cool looking, and decided to leave it for a while.  It looked like the outside of Urban Outfitters! 

Well?  Turns out, that's not such a good idea... as it crumbled into our living room, and all over the floor.

Yeah.  New construction?  Just not my scene.  Sorry.  It's not.

Why did we move out here?  Because Mr. Hed's office was out here.  I didn't have much of an argument really, because I don't mind drivingIn fact, I love it.  My office was also sort of in the middle of wherever we ended up, and where we moved from, so it still wasn't that bad of a commute for me, especially once I found a few back roads over the West Slope.

But, I had a LOT of changes in this year.  I went from being engaged, to married, to world traveler, to pregnant, to... ridiculous nester, who had just quit her job.  It was simultaneously a scary, exciting, and busy time in my life.

Sadly, the Beaverton office of McAfee closed operations... about a month after we moved over here.  And... guess where Mr. Hed found a new job?  Old town.  He could have walked to his new job from our uptown apartment.

I liked living out here, for about a week.  Then... it was a really long 51 weeks before we were able to move.

Well, because I like torture, I went out there today, just for you, dear reader/photo viewer.  Behold:  The glory!

This was one of the few saving graces of having to drive out to the 9th circle of hell, every day of the world.  The West Slope!

I was such a weirdo.  I have no idea why this school was so comforting to me, but I loved driving past it.  Something about how close to the road it was, made me feel like I was in Europe, or something.

The gates to the old apartment complex.  This was the last complex I would live in... hopefully, forever.

The view from the entrance.

That was it, right there.  Yes.  Three stories.  The bathroom was on the top floor.  That SUCKED when I was pregnant.

View from our apartment.

Our parking lot was VAST.  This complex is actually a MAX stop.

I actually found this to be kinda sad.  When we lived here, there were businesses on the bottom floor of this building in the front.  They appear to be completely empty now.  It seems like it would be a good idea to have shops, and eateries here.  It's in the middle of a business park.

Well, they tried...

It was also close to the Nike campus.

There were woods that separated our complex from Nike.  That was kind of nice.  Lots of Nike employees would jog back there.  I actually found an older lady to walk with, so that was cool.

But... this is what our complex was surrounded by.  No WONDER I hated living here!


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