Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Park Day!

Little goober.

I'm pretty sure I gave birth to a chinchilla.

Beautiful thinker.

She's such an actress.  I love it!

In the interest of getting some good practice in, I brought my camera to Park Day this week.  I didn't break it out until it was almost time to go, though.  I need to get back into the practice of taking photos of people, on the regular.  I've taken plenty of pictures of structures, and inanimate objects lately, but I really do need to just keep swimming. 

I have been crashing a park day for homeschoolers for a while this summer.  It's been really fun, and my kids have made some good friends.   Here are just a few of what I took today.  All are of my kids, but perhaps in the future, I'll take some of other peoples' children, as well.


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