Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seven! How???

This cake was sort of a colaborative effort.  I was tired from cleaning, and partying way too late last night, so T made the cake.  I made the frosting.   Ka-boom.

She was so happy with this cake!

Later, we went to Washington Park, and I got a few casual portraits of her.

I know, you aren't supposed to allow foliage to overtake the face of your subject, but I'm taking some artistic license here, because I was enjoying the way it sort of matched the colour of her hair.

Mom, are we done yet?  I just want to go to the playground.

Her auntie Megan gave her this streaming ribbon.  She LOVES this thing!

Love bug, how are you seven already?  It really does seem like yesterday that you were still just a plan we had, and here you are.  Thank you for adding so much magic to my life. 

XoXo, Mama.


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