Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday in the park with George...

Today was such a gorgeous day.  I had a very productive morning with my camera, after doing some therapy homework.  I was so glad I brought it along, because I decided to capture a little morning glory.  Holy crap, Portland.  Way to be beautiful!

At one point, I thought I was done, but then I drove past Laurelhurst Park on my way home, and spotted some gorgeous stuff going on, so I stopped for a few minutes, and captured a little more magic.  Enjoy!

The leaves are really something right now.  I am so grateful to live in such a gorgeous spot!

I even found a squirrel, who was just curious enough to stop and check me out for a bit.  I guess really, we checked each other out!  I decided to call him George.

These boots were quite a find.  Vintage, and under $20.  Happy Birthday to me!

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but it has been catching my eye for a few days.

This pond filter reminded me of the Bog Of Eternal Stench!

Well, hello!  Who are you?  Nice enough day for it, I suppose...


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