Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last leg of the journey...

Just off of Sprague Lake, about 1/2 an hour out of Spokane.

 The trip home was mostly uneventful, but gorgeous; pun intended.  I was slightly disappointed that you just can't get very good pictures of Sprague Lake from the upper rest area, and there really is no other way to get to it from Westbound I-90.  I did my best, anyway, and I will admit that there is at least one I took while we were going about 80 MPH, but good lord, that water was sparkly! 

On this trip, I found some weird stuff, some pretty stuff, and photo ops for the childrenz.  The gorge is gorgeous, naturally, but I also discovered that even out in the middle of nowhere, we are not immune to graffiti.  You can live... really... anywhere.  It's still gonna happen.

Full-Disclosure photography.  Shot out of the windshield, while we were traveling at about 80 MPH.  Ah, well...

Military Train.


Graffitti Hut!!

Feedlot.  The kids' response: "EWWW!"

What I could see of Sprague Lake from the upper rest area.  Sad, because this lake is vast.  Next time, I will stop when we are headed in the other direction.  It's a lovely lake.

Columbia River Gorge, from Arlington.  I had to climb past the retaining wall to get these shots.  Shhh!!

Ru chose to be a ham, here.  I could not get a serious look out of this girl, for anything.

Nope.  Nice try, Ma.  Not gonna happen.

To Dream... The Impossible Dream...

There's that ham, again...

Miss Lily, on the retaining wall.

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