Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waitt's Lake... oh, we were on the beach. We were the ONLY ones on the beach.

Yes, it was quite cold at Waitt's Lake, on Saturday, when we ventured out.  Mr. Hed lived on this lake from the time he was a wee bairn, until they moved to the farm house, where he spent most of his childhood.  But for the first few years, he lived here.  It looks like a sweet little resort community, and I am sort of jealous.  Snow in the winter, with a frozen lake for skating, and a lovely place to swim and fish in the summer?  What could be better? 

I remember Christmases in which I would go swimming in our backyard pool, and summer where I grew up was so ridiculously hot, my dad used tin foil on all of the windows.  And don't get me started on the winds, and the fires, in fall.  I don't think I knew what spring was, until I moved to Oregon.  So yeah, I'm a bit jealous of this whole thing.  You'll see why, in a sec.  Bear with me.  There are a LOT of pictures, but there was a LOT of interesting stuff to photograph.

There was still ice on the lake, and I admit to geeking out a little on that stuff.  The geese you see in the photos below, are walking on the ice.


In his old digs.  He lived here from 1976-1979.

View of lake.

Ice does interesting things to sand.

These geese are walking on the still partially frozen lake.

The ice was so sparkly!

Out on a dock.  This dock was a little scary to walk on, because it was missing a few pontoons, so it would really move a lot in a few places.  I just kept going over it, saying:  "Like you fucking own it!"  It seemed to help.
Where the ice began.

Rock that we threw onto the surface of the ice.  It just sort of bounced around.

As did this one.

Skipping on the dock.

I thought this melt pattern was interesting.  I wonder what caused that?

Buoys in the ice.

Bubbles in the ice.

I know... I totally geeked out over this, but if you read the earlier paragraphs, you understand I've never actually seen a frozen lake before.

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