Friday, March 28, 2014

Pittock Phase Two


Well, today, we made it to the mansion in time for a tour!  I ended up taking quite a few photos, so I'm splitting this one into a few different posts.  This was really fun, and I highly recommend it.  This will represent the main floor, starting with the library.  I did not include the kitchen or breakfast room in this post, because those deserve their own post.

I should mention that they will obviously let you take photos in here, but you can't use a flash, at all, so come prepared!

Library Ceiling.

Hallway between Library and Music Room.  At the end, is the original entry to the house.

Original Entry.

Bust of Henry Pittock

Ceiling of Music Room.

Still operational radiator.

Music Room


Turkish Smoking Room.  There is no evidence that anyone ever smoked in here, though.

Ceiling detail of Turkish Smoking Room.


Dining Room Fireplace

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