Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So, whatever became of it?

I went out west again today, and noticed the old Heesacker place, looking even more dilapidated than it had, in quite a while.  It appears to have almost completely collapsed, at this point, in some of the storms we had over the winter.  I never thought I'd see the day, since it had been leaning like this forever, and there was a tree just sort of doing everything it could to keep things in balance.

I suppose the wind had other plans.

I also got some photos of the old Kinton School.  It's also quite dilapidated, but hasn't fallen over, just yet.  It's pretty cool looking.

And... for some reason, I am simply obsessed with some hanging lights that are interspersed among some blossoms.  I tried the other day to get some photos of them, and succeeded, but figured I'd try again today, contrasted against the sunlit ones, and the blue sky.  I liked the results of both.

The sad remains of the old Heesacker place.

This outbuilding appears to have fared the best.

Oh, sad sadness...

It was kind of a risk for me to take this drive, given the time I had left before I had to get the kids.  I first drove past the Heesacker Place, and was going to blow it off again.  Truth be told, I've been out here a few times since this happened, and blew it off those times, as well.  But something made me turn around and just do this.

And then, I felt compelled to keep going, and also get the Kinton School.

I'm calling this one "Studebaker Of Sadness."


The old Kinton School.

I made it back to my children's school with about one minute to spare, due to major traffic snarls, which I found Ironic, because... had I taken the scenic route?  I probably would have had about 20 minutes to spare, but I figured the 405 would be faster, I'd get there about 1/2 an hour early, and I'd be able to read for a few.  Uh... nope!

But I picked them up, and I guess I still wasn't done, because there was this area on NE 28th that I had unfinished business with.

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