Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunny day. Maybe a bit too sunny...

I recently stumbled upon a weird thing in northwest Portland.  I'm guessing it was just an open walkway for something, but I have no idea what it connected.

I knew about this, via a photo someone else shared online a while ago.  I decided to google earth it, and immediately found it.  It looked so cool!

So, today, I dragged the kids with me to NW Portland, and we checked a few things out.  I also found a weird, and awesome permaculture-based park! 

I have lived here for 15 years now, and I'm still discovering all sorts of fun little things!

My only regret about these photos, is that they were taken at a very bright point in the day, and there weren't many shadows, or interesting nuances to play around with, in the lighting.  Ah, well...

This fence was made from a bunch of rusty beams, and coloured glass.  Very cool, from both sides.  I liked the way the light came through the glass from the outside of the park.

The kids pointed this turtle out, to me. I thought it was a wee sculpture at first, but nope.  He's real!

From inside the park.

And here is the weird structural element, remnant thing.  I will come back and take more pictures of this, on a cloudy day.  I love the way brick buildings look against a gray sky.

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