Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weirdo Flowers.

I love these flowers.  I have no idea what they are, but they are awesome.  This is what they look like now:

What are they?  Are they a flower?  Are they a fruit?  They start with a blossom, but it turns into a hard ball, with waxy petals.

Like Skittles... if they grew on trees.  I don't know if you can eat them or not though... I'm leaning toward... not so much.

This is what they look like closer to winter:

 20111201-IMG_0271 copy

20111201-IMG_0270 copy

20111201-IMG_0274 copy
Such weird little flowers.  No idea.  Their scent is just intoxicating right now though, and their blossoms make me think of orange blossoms.  
When I found them for the first time, it was on a walk, in my neighbourhood, close to where a friend lived.  They looked like the last few photos here.  I decided this year that I HAD to find them again, and track their growth, so I could see what they looked like, in full bloom, since it was clear that the blue/pink, waxy stars were really just a remnant.

I would go back, weekly, for a while.  It seemed to take forever for them to do anything.
  Then, life got busy... as it does, and I forgot about them, until today!  And... here they are!


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