Friday, September 20, 2013

Such a random day.

I decided, since the weather is supposed to turn to garbage starting tonight, that I would get a BUNCH of bridge shooting done.  Check.  I wrapped on the Morrison project, and started the Hawthorne.  I found lots of other things to shoot while shooting these two bridges.
In between, I had coffee with friends, and was able to celebrate a birthday!  One of my favourite people on the planet, turned 32 today.  Happy Birthday, Arwyn!  You are human gold!  Love you to bits, girl!

I happened upon a gaggle of geese in Waterfront Park. They are really used to people.  They did NOT care that I was right there, snapping pictures of them.  Nope.  They did NOT care.

I just really enjoyed this juxtaposition of things.

A lot.

We had our usual Friday coffee gathering, and a friend brought this in for my friend Arwyn, who turns 32 today!

Happy Birthday, lovely!

Another one of my favourite people on the planet, Anne!  (Pictured, right.)

I love the tops of parking structures.  Excuse me while I geek out for a few photos...

At the top of our parking structure, was a platform.  I realized it was a landing platform for a helicopter after I climbed up onto it.  It was chained off... but do I ever care about that stuff?  P-sha!

The Hawthorne, from atop the landing pad.

Juxtaposition.  I think I've mentioned... I'm a fan.


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