Saturday, September 28, 2013

School Shindig Fun!

Ruby and I went to a lovely little school shindig last night, put on by our lovely TFT (Together for Trillium.)  I was actually asked to take event photos, but without the permission of parents, and the fact that we all filled out a form at the beginning of the school year, stating whether or not we allowed images of our children published online, I will post just a few favourites of my own little puppy.  :)  They can sort the photos out, later, and decide from there.  :)

They had these weird little lemon halves with candy canes in the center.  The idea is that you suck on the candy cane, and it forms a well in the center, which lemon juice comes up through, and it's like minty lemonade. 

Ru enjoyed this...


She ran out of candy cane!

Ohh... no.

Temporary tattoos!

I was probably a little too enthralled with the cotton candy making process... I promise I took a LOT of other pictures, too!  :)

Ruby got to throw a pie at the school executive director!


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