Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flaming shenanigans!

Well, I WANTED to go shoot more bridge porn last night, but a few friends came over instead, and we decided to have a little fiery fun.  No Mr. Heds were harmed in the shooting of this fiery little photo essay.  Can't say the same for the guitar... but well, it went out in a blaze of glory! 

Be prepared for a little gratuitous flame shots... I love fire.  I do.  Fire is awesome.

Never mind... me.  I am not about to bash you over the head with an old, crappy guitar.

...unless you attempt a selfie.

Lashing out at technology.

Apres selfie.

Any good fire starts out tiny.  I don't know why there is a beer can in there... (whistle...)

Often, the question of the evening is:  "Will it burn?"

Oh.  Well, yes.  It will.

Oh yeah...




And this, my friends, is why you never, ever, ever break a guitar neck over your knee.  The neck wins.  Every time.  Yes.  Yes, it does.


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