Thursday, September 26, 2013

Forest grove, you are kinda purty.

This morning, before my shoot with Jenn Crowell, I decided there was just way too much awesome to photograph on the way out to her place.  The fog was beautiful, and amazing.  It created the best silhouettes, and made for some right creepy photography.  Perfect! 

Before my shoots, I really enjoy warming up, and finding a few things to start out with and make those gears move properly.  It makes for a much more fun, and energized shoot, and then I have something to play with later on, that's just my very own, as well.

I got into a trench to shoot the structure shown above, and noticed this sweet little spider web!  It's amazing the little treasures you find, when you are open to them.

I loved the eerieness of this corn field.

I discovered this ramshackle house, the first time I came out to visit Jenn, over the summer.  I have been meaning to take some shots of it for a while.  I LOVED the way the fog just set it off, this morning.

Marsh Hall, Pacific University.  Jenn and I were looking for a good backdrop for her shots, and as I drove down the street leading to the school, I spotted this place, and freaked out!

Marsh Hall, up close.

Carnegie Hall.  This cracked me up.

Cross walk, in Forest Grove.

I am a sucker for these leaves.

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