Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Right on cue, (the first day of fall was a couple days ago,) things are changing.  There are still flowers out, but the leaves have started.  It rained really hard today.  The heat disappeared. 

But I still needed to get my camera out and do something.  I love how things are just starting to change.  It's a neat time of year, with a lot going on.

Yes, it's getting to be that time of year... the time everyone talks about... pumpkin lattes, and how Michael's craft store smells like artificial cinnamon again.  The time when many people disappear to the safety of their living rooms to watch football.  The time when we all grab more blankets, sweaters, boots, change out our wardrobes and say:  "Bring it!"

The time when...  Aw, hell!  My BIRTHDAY is in the fall! 

What was I talking about?   Oh yeah.  Well, here you go.  Some pictures of the beginning of fall, in Portland.  At least the neighbourhoods.  I am sure you'll see plenty more things in the coming week. 

Stay tuned, and enjoy this set. 

I wish the light was better today.  You may be seeing this guy again.  He really delivers on the drama when the sun is setting.  But, I was walking in the neighbourhood, and figured: "Why not?"

The squirrels have found my back steps.

Seed pods

The sunflowers are in so many different stages right now.

Looks like some birds got to this one.


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